Loolaby Full Album – MP3 Version



The full MP3 version of Loolaby – Jewish Lullabies.

Contains 12 beautiful lullaby versions of Jewish classics of renowned artists, among them: Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, Ben Tzion Shenkar, Uzi Chitman, Nurit Hirsch, Ovadia Hamama, Yosef Karduner and more…

Total duration: 50 minutes
Listen before you buy: You can hear a sample of the disk below



Hear samples of the album tracks:

  1. Shir Lamaalot
  2. Hamalch Hagoel Oti
  3. Lekhah Dodi
  4. Yedid Nefesh
  5. Ani Maamin
  6. Eso Einai
  7. Im Eshkachech
  8. Nigun Habaal Shem Tov
  9. Mizmor Ledavid
  10. Ose Shalom
  11. Adon Olam
  12. Ana Bekoach

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