The nigunim you love, now as babies' lullabies

Featuring lullaby versions of popular Jewish classicals and modern nigunim by well-known artists
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  1. Shir Lamaalot
  2. Hamalch Hagoel Oti
  3. Lekhah Dodi
  4. Yedid Nefesh
  5. Ani Maamin
  6. Eso Einai
  7. Im Eshkachech
  8. Nigun Habaal Shem Tov
  9. Mizmor Ledavid
  10. Ose Shalom
  11. Adon Olam
  12. Ana Bekoach

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Hamalach Hagoel Poster
Hamalach Hagoel
Shir Lamaalot Poster
Shir Lamaalot
Im Eshkachech Poster
Im Eshkachech

My twins wouldn’t go to sleep without it!

David, New-Hampshire

Sort of a miracle – the true cure for my babies’ bedtime problems

Tammi G.

Bought it for my 1Y.O, but actually I get to hear it more then he does…



Bought it just now, it’s great!

Jay L.